Wind Garden of Wonder Works
“Where Good Things Fly In The Wind”

At Wonder Works we have a great selection of Wind Spinners, Garden Spinners, Feather Banners and Windsocks. All are high quality items built to withstand many hours in the outdoors. Have the most colorful Wind Garden in your neighborhood or plant a Spiral Friend in a strategic spot in your yard or garden.

Many of our “wind things” make nice indoor displays as well.

Our Wind Garden items make excellent gift ideas that will be treasured for many windy seasons of enjoyment.

Wind Spinners can also be attached to kites or mounted on our telescopic windsock poles of various sizes. See Poles & Brackets and also take a look at our new 3 and 5 hole stick-on holders.

We Recommended NOT leaving up all night. CLOSE UP IN 20 MPH OR MORE WINDS!

Choose from the menu on the left to view our Wind Garden items.

For other suggestions and information on these or any of our items contact us at [email protected]

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